Upcoming Events & Activities

Come join us in some of our fun and exciting events. All of our events are a great way to get involved with our Non-Profit Organization, and meet other passionate supporters in the community. Interested to see what we have coming up? See below for more details.

Joint Community Gathering - Virtual

Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 6pm - REGISTER HERE

Focus is on building personal connections in the new year. Many of us are experiencing COVID fatigue--whether it is from social isolation, distance working, kids doing distance learning, etc. Join us as we dive deep in conversation with one another. Get a boost to your mental wellness!

Upcoming Events & Activities

November 23rd, Joint Community Gathering 

TPlease join us Tuesday, November 23, 2021 from 6 to 8 pm for our next community gathering where we will elect new board members! Also, learn about the City’s budget and discuss your priorities for the budget.  Free food and childcare will be provided.

Join us for our  Hybrid Community Gathering in person at The Pittsburgh Project. Or Join from home on Facebook Live - Fineview & Perry Hilltop.

We will celebrate the restoration of the Biggs Street Bus Stop. 

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Have you seen the plan?

For the past year, we have been inviting neighbors to participate in creating a Plan for our community, in order to identify both needs and opportunities for action. How much do you know about the vision we have developed together? Have you seen it?
Read the plan here: Click here


Perry Hilltop is Happening!

see what we've been up to


Youth Development

Summer 2021

This summer we are partnering with MO Lawncare in hosting four students who are working with us to improve vacant lots, gateway signs, and our community gardens. The Youth Development Working Group is focused on building the next generation of leaders in our communities.




Volunteers maintain the Unity Corner Garden every Thursday at 9am (weather permitting).

This project was done by students at The Pittsburgh Project under guidance from artist Linda Wallen. Other partners: Fineview Citizens Council and Allegheny City Society. 

See press release for ribbon cutting celebration to learn more.

View more pictures.

LCCC Photo - 21 Lanark closed today.jpg

Affordable Homes


PHCC and FCC's Housing Working Group recently completed a 5 Year Affordable Housing Plan, has completed several rehabs in Fineview, and will work on 2133 Perrysville Avenue in the coming year. Our goal is to prevent displacement of residents with low-incomes and keep our neighborhoods diverse.

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